Types of Vinyl Fence

Privacy Vinyl Fence delivers the ultimate in complete privacy, with no gaps between the pickets. This allows for 100% privacy on both sides of the fence.

Semi-private Vinyl Fence
provides the perfect balance of privacy and airflow. This type of fence features small spacing between the pickets to allow light and air to enter. This allows for you to maintain mostly privacy, but keep airflow moving.

Picket Vinyl Fence
is a classic fence style that features a timeless look. These versatile fences work well in a variety of different landscapes and offer an appealing decorative boundary. Our picket styles are available in both traditional and contemporary designs.

Post & Rail Vinyl Fence
is a type of fence that’s typically used as an animal enclosure. 2-Rail, 3-rail and 4-rail styles are specially designed for containment of horses and other livestock, while the Crossbuck styles are suitable for decorative applications.

Pool Vinyl Fence
styles have been engineered to meet most local building codes for use around swimming pools. Generally, pool fencing must be at least 4 feet high, with picket spacing less than 4 inches apart. Be sure to check your local boca pool code before installing any type of fence around a yard. Excerpts from Bufftech