Aluminum Fence Terminology

We know that understanding a particular trade's terminology is half the battle of understanding what you're getting for your money, and why you do or don't need it. So to help you out, we've come up with a list of the common terminology of the aluminum fence industry.

Corner posts have holes on two sides (90°) and are used to make right angles.

posts have holes on one side and are used as starting and stopping points.

Gate posts have holes on one side same as end post, but are thicker so that you can screw hinges for a aluminum gate to them on one side.

Line posts have holes on opposite sides and are used for straight runs of fence.

Standard Latch is a latch that typically comes with all aluminum fence gates, and it typically is pad lockable.

Magna Latch is a pool code latch used to keep small children out, and is lockable, and BOCA pool code approved.

Standard Hinges typically come with an aluminum fence gate, and are used to hinge open the gate, these are typically not self closing.

True Close Hinges are pool code hinges that are automatically close the gate after entry, making it BOCA pool code approved.

Wall Mount or stationary rail ends are used when mounting your aluminum fence to a wall or column. You will need to purchase one per rail, (so if it’s a 3 rail fence you will need 3 for each side)

Adjustable Mount or adjustable rail end or swivel rail end are used for aluminum fence that need to make a curve less than (90°).

Floor Flanges or deck mounts are used to mount an aluminum fence to the top of cement or a deck. They are screwed or lagged into the ground and the aluminum fence post is attached to the flange.

Welded Plate is an aluminum plate welded to the bottom of the aluminum fence post, this is the stronger than the floor flange or deck mount.

Standard Post Cap is the standard post cap with a flat top that comes with each post.

Ball Cap is an upgradeable post cap that can be added to any size aluminum fence post.

Pressed Spear is the spear top look on top of each picket on an aluminum fence section. This comes standard with all aluminum fence styles with open pickets.

Finials comes in a variety of shapes and sizes (Tri Finials, Quad Finials, Fleau De Lis Finials) which are mounted to the top of each picket, and are typically sold per each.
Circles are used in between pickets as a decorative item for the aluminum fence.
Butterfly Scrolls are used in between pickets as a decorative item for the aluminum fence.